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Salted Chicken with Crunchy Peanut Chutney

Lately, I’ve been cooking at home a lot, but I don’t have enough time to share the experiences in my blog. It’s been a busy month. We’ve just come back from a long road trip and Kerala visit, the furniture remodeling is going on, and I commit to complete a 50,000 words novel at Nanowrimo.

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Spiced Fried Chicken

You must try this Spiced Fried Chicken. The herbs and spices help constructed the juicy and flavourful chicken. This chicken dish usually accompanies our Chicken Biryani. If I have the leftover marinated in the Tupperware in my fridge, then I love to fry them as snacks in the afternoon. My husband and Yaseen love to

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Healthier Fried Chicken

I’m not ashamed to say that 60% of my family food is deep fried and we love deep fried food. They are crispy and delicious. I am not scared of deep fried food because I know when I made them at home I can make them healthier. We are active and excercise regularly we couldn’t be

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