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Spicy Yogurt Grilled Chicken

I love yogurt and often have it for breakfast, sometimes use it in dessert dishes. I have never tried anything savoury with yogurt until I’ve moved to India. People in India have such a variety of savoury dishes with yogurt. The yogurt base curry from South India was one of the soothing and comforting dishes

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Chicken Satay- Asian Grilling with a Napoleon Grill

I can think of having grill party all years round. In summer when the sun is warm and the sky is bright, it’s wonderful to have a party in the garden with the charcoal pit firing up those fresh seafood and juicy steak. In winter, I find it the most comforting to have a small

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Thai Rustic Grilled Fish

In case you haven’t heard, we spent a week in Thailand during Song Kran Festival last week. Check out our Song Kran post to get a glimpse of this colorful tradition of Thailand. We had such an amazing time there that we decided to make it an annual schedule to visit my Thailand every April. Though

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