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Banana Pancakes with Just 2 Ingredients

Banana and Egg Pancake 6

You can make pancakes with just 2 ingredients. I repeat, you can make delicious pancakes with just 2 ingredients! It’s simple, healthy and made with just two simple natural ingredients. Eggs and bananas. That’s right, just eggs and bananas. No butter, no flour, no dairy, gluten-free, no kidding. I actually found this recipe on pinterest. How

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Stir Fried Tofu with Bean Sprout and Oyster Mushroom

Stir fried tofu with mushroom and mushroom

One of my favorite vegetarian dishes that can be prepared really quick is stir fried tofu. Tofu is very healthy, it’s a great source of protein, and we can basically whip it up with just anything we would normally do with meat. I love the combination of firm tofu and bean sprout. It’s very subtle and

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Garlic Chicken Salad

Garlic Chicken Salad 1

Friday is the time for cleaning up a fridge. This week we did well on handling the grocery. I hate to have food spoiled in my house, but there weren’t much left in the fridge this week. So, yay! I had half a bag of mixed salad greens, some tomatoes, red bell peppers, some cucumbers, some

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Paprika Potato with Asian Slaw Sandwich

I love it when simple recipe gives such a flavourful result. We have been eating really heavy meals and greasy food all weekend, so I wanted to make a light and fresh bite for lunch. We love sandwich, the meatier- the juicer, the better. But today I took a vow to take a lean meal without

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Rice Flour Crepe with Shrimp Salad

Healthy living is something we tried to absorb in our family as much as possible. I can’t totally go all the way and rule my family against to-do list. Yesterday, my husband came home with a bag of hot chips when it was first rain here and I realized I wouldn’t be able to live without junk

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Simple Turkey Burger

I couldn’t find a reason why shouldn’t we make burger at home. I don’t think anything is simple than cooking burger. The thing about homemade thing is that we know where everything came from and how clean it is. Every time we stopped by MacDonald I had to check every lettuce leaves in our burger

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