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Balcony Garden

When we were back home late afternoon a few days ago, I was mortified to see my home taking over my dirt and mold. It took me all night and day to sterilize and certify my living room safe for human being again. While we were out, we closed doors and windows without realizing that

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Ducks at Home

Imagine you could have fresh duck eggs everyday right from your very own home garden and healthy duck meat available whenever you want to devour the delicious glossy skin Peking duck. I wish I never had to leave home in Thailand where everything was within my fence and I didn’t have to worry about pesticides,

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Our Farm Update 30.11.2010

The best part of being farmer is you get to eat fresh and best! I mean it! My family in Thailand basically throws vegetables in the wok as soon as they’ve been picked. We know that our vegetables and fruits are healthy and safe because we don’t use chemical fertilizer and pesticide. Most of the ingredients are from

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