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Home update October 2012

We supposed to move to our new house in April, but it’s now October, and we still haven’t set the date. The house is almost done, but it’s so white and empty. Here, look at the building. It is almost ready, and in fact, few families have already moved in. But we’re on 11th floor, and

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Home Update April 2012

Our first home is going to be delay to be ready. We wished to move in next month, but it seems impossible now. There are still a lot to be done, and after that another month for interior decoration. I am disappointed but there is also a really good part of it. We are going

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First Home

There is a saying in Kerala, every middleclass Keralite spend the entire life’s fortune to build a house. Ever you visited Kerala, you would see the best houses having extravagance designs and styles. Being one that was born and bought up in that land, no wonder I also had a dream about a house! When you

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