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Pepper Chicken Kurma (Chicken Stew with Pepper and Coconut)

Whenever I am not feeling well, my husband often offers himself to cook for a day. I usually feel more nervous than grateful, I have to admit. To tell you the truth, he can cook and he’s an excellent cook. But the mess he left behind usually makes me wanna keep him away from the

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Goan Prawn Curry

The can of Goan masala paste happens to be a good help in our household lately. After preparing fried fish exactly as per the package instruction, I thought it was a time to be adventurous and played with the ingredient a bit. I didn’t know if this paste was supposed to be used in any

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Fish in Tangy Sauce

On of the most inspiring and enlighten episodes on Oprah was the interview with Stephanie Meyer, the author of The Twilight novels. It is not because I am the Twilight series fan or the hardcore vampire novel interest, but I am lovingly admiring her success as a writer, something I should be able to call

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Lamb Korma

Many people who dislike lamb like my husband because of its strong smell have surrendered and ate up the whole pot of this delicious Lamb Korma. The spices and herbs wonderfully cover up the meaty smell and turn it into the beautiful aroma. Korma is like a curry but thicken by yoghurt, cream, coconut cream or

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