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Toni Daa Dhaba, a famous Highway Restaurant

Toni Daa Dhaba 1

There is a famous restaurant on an old Pune-Mumbai Highway called Toni Daa Dhaba. We heard a lot about it and have always wanted to try. The place is always crowded, on weekend especially, you have to wait in line for your table. Before I go any further, I should tell some of you what does

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Party with the Kitchens of India


I consider myself an okay-good cook when it comes to Indian food. I love the aroma and the intense flavor of Indian dishes. It makes my house smell like a cozy restaurant. And a cozy restaurant is how I like it to be when I have a party at home. I want everyone to tuck

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Chicken Malai Meatball

One of my favorite Indian dishes ever is Chicken Malai Kebab, which is fresh cream marinated chicken. It is milder than other type of kebab and loads with fresh flavor. Chicken Malai Kebab is not at all spicy, making it a kid friendly recipe. To make it even more kid friendly, I transform this juicy kebab

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Eats On Road @ Pune University

If you come to Pune, you must visit Pune University, one of the most beautiful historical institutes in India. I did my degree there and continue to live so close by ever since. Not only it’s a popular education destination in Asia, this place is also very famous hangout spots for residents and visitors. When you

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On Road Eats: Fish Point @ Kadakwasala Lake

This year we’ve decided to start an interesting series of On Road Eats. A fun program featured us flirting with every delicious bite we find on weekend road trip. My husband love driving and we just love spending time in our cozy car moving around countryside and natural places. This time I leave my picnic

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Tapioca with Fish Curry (Kappa and Meen Curry)

When my husband told me about using tapioca in savoury dishes I thought it was one of his silly jokes. I love tapioca but I have never tried it savoury. We use tapioca a lot in sweet dishes in Thailand. Tapioca in sugar syrup was simply comforting and delightful, and with the drizzle of thick

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Goan Fried Fish

I have been to Goa once on a friend’s wedding. All I remembered about it was the sultry beaches with beautiful historical sightseeing. We were there for a day so we have missed the culinary adventure and night life on the beaches of Goa. I have been yearning to visit Goa for quite sometime, so

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Spicy Yogurt Grilled Chicken

I love yogurt and often have it for breakfast, sometimes use it in dessert dishes. I have never tried anything savoury with yogurt until I’ve moved to India. People in India have such a variety of savoury dishes with yogurt. The yogurt base curry from South India was one of the soothing and comforting dishes

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Mominpura, Pune

We’ve reached Kerala safe and sound. Yesterday was quite hectic when we’re held off at the airport as one of our baggages was missing, so I didn’t have time to update our blog. It is the last day of Ramadan here in Kerala, it’s not only the last day of fasting but the day of preparation

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Fruit Salad with Chaat Masala

I’ve just posted how to make Chaat masala at home in my previous post and It’s a spice mix I think you should try and have in your household. Trust me, it’s a recipe worth experimenting. One recipe that could never go wrong with Chaat masala is fruit salad. I felt embarrassed to call it “recipe” because

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