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Pandan Leaf Infused Syrup

Pandan leaf syrup 1

I can’t believe I’m teaching people how to make syrup. But guys, it’s necessary. Let’s face it; we need to talk about this. Syrup is important ingredients in Thai drink mixes and desserts. Although there are many versions and the levels of intensity of syrup, one thing I can say is the syrup here is

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Homemade Tempura Flour (For Tempura Batter without Eggs)

Tempura Flour 1

Hot and crispy deep fried food is always a hit here. We can enjoy the greasy food without guilt when it is fresh and well-prepared. Deep fried food is quick, and a lot of time, it reminds me of being a kid when eating is such a spontaneous affair. I made deep fried food often that

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Salim- Thai Colorful Vermicelli Dessert

Winter swept the cold breeze through my window every morning. We wished to stay warmed in the bed as much as we could, but the busy schedule of a day ahead dragged me out of the warm blanket. Rice soup is always the idea breakfast this season, the comforting and warmness dispersed from the stove

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Goan Fried Fish

I have been to Goa once on a friend’s wedding. All I remembered about it was the sultry beaches with beautiful historical sightseeing. We were there for a day so we have missed the culinary adventure and night life on the beaches of Goa. I have been yearning to visit Goa for quite sometime, so

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Kinky Pomegranate Soda

What’s wrong with me? I can’t remember my Anniversary. We missed it every year. Also, it is so weird that I have my internal calendar register 17th September as my Anniversary instead of the real date, 10th September. It is so funny that I can’t be upsetting about it. Anyway, we decided to declare 17th

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Bean Sheet Salad with Tofu

I bought packages of Bean Sheet noodle without knowing what to do with them. I am a noodle fan and always intrigue to try noodles in any shape and form. Though I have tried this kind of noodle before a number of times but I have no idea how to prepare them. Bean Sheet is a

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Sugarcane Juice

Nothing beats the dry summer heat like a fresh cooling glass of sugarcane juice. As the bright shiny season unfold, the sugarcane farmers set up the rustic shades around the city with some energizing cold sugarcane juice flies out every other seconds. Sugarcane is a tropical spice of tall grass having fibrous stout and jointed stalks

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