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Miso Soup

Miso Soup

I love miso soup that is served along with the meal in Japanese restaurants. My boys absolutely hate it so it benefits me because I can have two extra bowls of soup every time. At home, I serve miso soup selfishly in a big bowl just for me when I make Japanese Inspired meal. I

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Teriyaki Squid

teriyanki squid 7

We always love the vibrant scene of our local fish market. It was always crowded, noisy, and colorful. Last Sunday, Sadik and I went to buy fresh seafood. We want to get some squid for dinner sometimes this week. Our fish monger tried to sell us giant squids when we told him we only need

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Prawn and Calamari Tempura

Tempura 3

Yesterday I showed you how to make Tempura Flour. I use this formula in various deep fried dishes. It gives beautifully crunchy texture to the food. Today it’s time to put this tempura flour to test! Usually tempura batter is made with eggs and flour with some seasoning and super chilled water. It’s very easy and

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Noodle with Miso and Mushroom Broth

It rained at 9.30 am here, yesterday. It wasn’t much and not at all satisfying but it cooled the air down enough to have a thought for a soup. The smell of wet mud rose from the ground to our 4th floor apartment. I opened the window and invited the cold spray in. Anything hot

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Shoyu Fish with Wasabi Mushy Pea

We love eating fresh, and try avoiding buying frozen food as much as we can. Frozen pea and corn are those I highly restrict in my household. Not only the fresh one tastes so much better, but I get to spend a little time opening fresh pea with Yaseen. He loves helping with the pea

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Custard Dorayaki

My favourite cartoon character when I was a kid was Doraemon. He is a robotic cat who has so many cool gadgets, machines and tools from the future in his tiny pockets. As small kids, who wouldn’t wanna be friend with Doraemon. Doraemon has his favourite treat called Dorayaki. It is yummy fluffy pancake stuffed with sweet

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When it comes to snacks, I really love to cook fun recipes that everybody can involve. Cooking is one of my favourite family activities, especially with my son and my sister. Today we have the feeling like playing with the flour, dust and dough so we decided to make Gyoza or pan fried dumpling. Dough 2 cups of

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