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Fried Fish- Inspired by a Monsoon Beach

Something we definitely missed out in Kashid beach during monsoon was the abundance steamy seafood so fresh and cooked as soon as it was out of fishermen’s nets. During rainy season, there was restriction in fishing and fishermen wouldn’t venture far from the shores as they used to. We hoped for some fresh fish over the

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Kashid Beach

As soon as the car was pulled off the highway to the sand, we could see the pale white horizon lying along the Arabian Sea through the abandon shades. Yaseen hopped off the car and raced to beach so fast that we worried he wouldn’t scare to jump in the rainy sea. We followed him

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Journey to the Beach in Monsoon

Saturday morning, I packed a bag for a weekend trip to a beach, but instead of sunscreen and big hats, I had raincoats and umbrella in my suitcase. My husband asked me few weeks ago, if I have ever seen rain showering in the sea…. My first impression was “uncomfortable”. But I loved when life

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