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Pookode Lake

Pookode Lake 13

4 years ago, when Yaseen was just 9 months old, we had a fun road trip from Kerala to Bangalore. On our way, we found this peaceful, scenic lake and decided to make a quick stop. We were one of the few groups wandering in that tranquil sanctuary. It was raw, silent and beautiful. I’ve remembered

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It was difficult to believe that we were still in Kerala when the thin fog covered the road ahead and the temperature was really chill. Again, I had to remind myself that we were still in Kerala when tea plantation hills took my breath away. I felt like we were up north and not south. As

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Cruising in Alappuzha

The world continues to surprise us. I wonder if we could go further, what would be there. Something we haven’t seen of course, things that make our eyes seem bigger than they usually are, things that make us feel ridiculously small, and in my recent experience… things that fill with secluded rhythm of backwater flows. One

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It was raining in Kerala

What’s the most comforting sound that makes you wish you don’t have to climb out of the bed in the morning? Rain! The weather there was just perfect, fresh air, cooling rain vapor. Though it was very humid, but somehow those cool drizzles from sky made me forgot how sticky my skin felt. There was nothing

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Kerala is my other home, the place where we often go to lay down and listen to the rain drop. It is so peaceful and green, that I almost forgot the existence of other places on earth. Going to Kerala is exciting every time. There are so many new things to see, beautiful places to explore

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Continue to Kerala

It has been a while since we woke up with the smell of the sea and sound of the waves. This trip did remind me to keep searching for the new excitement in life, and helped me to let go of a lot of things and tried to go with the flow. We stayed at the temple

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Kerala Trip, September 2010

When we step out of our comfort zone, it allows us to explore and experience new things. Sometime we have to try something uneasy to know what life has to offer. We discovered the joy and excitement of being lost on the cold roads in the thick jungles recently while driving back to my husband’s hometown. I

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While we were out!

First of all, I am deeply sorry for being missing for 2 weeks without any notice. I haven’t had time to add anything to the blog, yet. We went to Kerala, my husband’s home town to visit the family, relatives and friends. We started the trip on 5th September and we came home last night

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