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New Video: Kerala Story

Kerala Trip May 2012 pic 4

So we talk about Kerala all the time. It’s Sadik’s hometown. This beautiful land is also called “God’s Own Country.” It does really look something like that– the ocean of green mountains and laced between the clear rivers. This is our humble home where we visit regularly. If you want to see how our life in

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Stuff from Road Trip

Stuff from the trip 3

Last time we went to Thailand, we visited a beautiful town on the bank of the Mekong River. Sadik took some stones from the river beach to keep as souvenirs. They were big, round and gorgeous. But while we were having lunch at our relative’s shop, my cousin’s husband noticed the stone which Sadik took

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Video: Kerala to Bangalore Road Trip

Kerala to Bangalore road trip

This is kind of not fair, but I really want to show you this video. We took this trip 2 years ago, but I finally found these clips and mixed them for you today. Editing this video made me relive this trip all over again so I hope you enjoy watching this video of a

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Driving form Kerala to Bangalore

Drive Kerala-Bangalore 6

“Where are we going next?” I asked when we threw the last backpack in the trunk of the car when Sadik put a sleepy Yaseen in the back seats. I didn’t really care where we’re heading. The journey itself has always been the best part of the trip. We’re going to Bangalore; that’s all I knew.

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My Kind of South Indian Breakfast

South Indian Breakfast 9

It’s unfortunate how most people are under the impression that South Indian Breakfast is all about idli, vadas and dosa with sambar and coconut chutney. The truth is people in South India love breakfast. They indulge in them. It’s the second meal of the day after the early morning tea or coffee which was served

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Food Crawl in Calicut, Kerala

Calicut food crawl 1

I can say this again and again that I love street food especially the hot and greasy ones. While travelling, my family and I always look for street food joints, and many times, little stores on the side of the roads surprises us with delicious treats. Calicut is not a new city for me. I

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Uru Boat

Uru 1

This post is gonna be quick because I can’t wait to write the next story about my food crawl in Calicut, Kerala. So in the last post, we were at Beypore, shopping at the handicraft store near to Beypore Beach and checking the fish market. Then 15 minutes later, we’re at Uru Boat manufacturing site. Uru

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Beypore Fish Market, Kerala

Fish Market, Beypore 1

I would like to take you back in time. Let me tell you a story of my dad and how passionate he was when it comes to cooking. Fresh ingredients! Everything needed to be fresh. I remembered tagging along his trip to the morning wet market in my hometown when I was a kid. 4am.

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Cute Little Handicraft Store: Arabian Handicrafts

handicraft store 1

Are you a fan of handicraft store? I’m a total weak when it comes to these beautiful handmade stuff. I could get lost in the handicraft stores forever, looking at tiny pieces of artworks and handcraft toys, and that’s something my husband feels really irritated about me. But I can’t help it, no matter how

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Beypore Beach, Kerala

Beypore Beach Kerala 1

When you plan to visit the beaches in Kerala, you don’t expect fine white sand and mocktails under the cabanas. But that maybe one of the reasons I love them. The beaches in south India are different. They are tailored for local visitors. The beach might not be that clean and hygienic, but there is

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