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Rat Na Gai

Lately, every evening I found myself imagined wandering around night market for dinner. As you may know about Thai night markets, colorful lightings, wide spread of nicknacks, smoky delicious air, the sound of woks sizzle and fat drip over hot charcoal, and very fun and exciting energy all night long. I miss those small food

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Squid Noodle

We were cozy in our home whole weekend with delicious home cooked meal and fun family time. The weather is just cool down which makes us so lazy and indolent. Don’t you feel that cold breeze settles you down and makes you want to be console wrapped in the blanket all the time? We would spend

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Gooey noodle

We love cooking noodles and we might have hundreds ways to cook them. This is one of our favorite that I adapted from Thai noodle in sticky gravy called “Lad Na”. It is so simple and yet tastes so fantastic. Gooey noodle Ingredients: (serving 2) For noodle: 150 gm rice noodles – soaked in hot water for 2-3 minutes

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