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My Novel, Lavender Blood, Is Now Re-released

Lavender Blood BookCover 2.jpg

It am so happy to tell you the improved version of my novel, Lavender Blood, is now available in Kindle Store. This book is edited by Lea Ellen Borg from Night Owl Editing Services. She’s such an amazing editor who pushes beyond limit to make my book look so much better. I’ve learned so much

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Lavender Blood Published!!!

It’s finally happened! “Should I click this now?” I asked my husband 10 times before clicking the last button to publish my novel in Kindle Direct Publishing Program last night. I did, and now Lavender Blood is live in Kindle Store. I’ve been playing with the cover for months, but in the end, we decided to go

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Lavender Blood Book Update

I am shaking as I’m writing this. It’s been a few months now since I told you about my books, Lavender Blood and Garden of the Souls. Lavender Blood is my first finished and completed novel. Though I had planned to publish it two month ago, the process of editing is quite time consuming. This

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Lavender Blood

It’s been more than a month since I’ve finished my novel. We are finally done editing it. I had kept this Top Secret for a month. Now, I think it’s time I share a sneak peak. As the name indicated, it’s blood, it’s war, it’s vampire. Action-fantasy, vampires, mystical creatures are what I love reading

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