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Imagination is Kids’ Best Toy

Imagination 1

We haven’t bought any toy for Yaseen for months now. It’s not that he doesn’t want them at all, but when we make him think about value of things he brings into his life, he understands that he doesn’t really want more stuff. When he asks for new toys and we refuse to give them,

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Be a Conscious Kid

Stuff from the trip 13

We gave our son Yaseen a Samsung tablet to play with since he was little. He is 7 years old now, and he’s going to be 8 this August. God, how time flies! He is going to be taller than me in a few years. Anyway, the 5 years old device has many problems so

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Why I Chose Minimalism?

Minimalism 3

I have short attention span. I cannot concentrate. I know some of you guys can relate to this. I always jump from one thing to another so the amount of unfinished projects and ideas are always around me. It’s very difficult for me to stick to one thing. I am incapable of managing my priorities.

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Throwing 3 Items Away Everyday

minimalism 1

It takes a lot more courage to say NO. I bet most of you heard this quote many times before. The hard truth is it’s not easy, sometimes, to stand up for yourself and to realize what you truly deserve. It’s not just about saying no to people or situations, but saying no to items

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2016: I Don’t Have Plans

Balcony 1

Every year, in the beginning of January, I come up with an amazing resolution, a big list of awesome things I plan to do to make my life better throughout the year. In the past, these fantastic lists motivated me a lot, and they did sort of direct me to the goals I wanted to

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