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Olive Oil and Egg Yoke Hair Treatment

Olive oil and egg yoke for Frizzy hair 3

I’m thinking about rebonding my hair again. My hair is naturally curly, and if not taken care of, it gets pretty frizzy and difficult to manage. Hair rebonding can get my hair straightened and smooth, easy to work with, but it comes with expensive price tags. I’m not only talking about the cost in the

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Summer Skin with Sweet Raspberry

I am going to be nagging about the weather everyday from now on. I don’t like summer, everything about it…except for food. Here in Pune, the morning arrives too early with the heat that irritates you out of bed. My eyes become sore with super solar brightness, and getting out of the house means I

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Nyassa Lavender Soap Bar

I adore the color and scent of lavender. It makes my skin feel exotic and relax. It’s one of my favourite flowers. Many restless evenings, imagining myself submerged in the wild lavender field, made me feel very calm and happy. I got this Lavender Soap Bar recently and it has become one of my favourite things.

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Addicted to Nature- Pomegranate and Grapeseed Face Polish

Women love spa, to be fully pampered and indulged with fragrances and relaxing treatments which ultimately make us look and feel good. It is something we can be doing all day. But practically we could not be in spa everyday, for one of the reasons is that these extremely luxury treatments came with extremely heavy

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Bedtime Indulgence

My husband is trapped in the recent indulgence of pampering scent from our new massage oil, Sabai-arom Urban Wellness Sleep Tight Bedtime Aromatic Massage Oil. The gentle sweet scent of Jasmine and White Champaca is so soothing and relaxing. When we traveling back to India few weeks ago, we had a chance to eat and shop

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