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Banana Pancake with Caramelized Banana and Raspberry Sauce

pancakes with raspberry1

A week ago, I don’t remember when but it was National Pancake Day in the US. There were pancakes pictures all over the internet, and that was alluring enough for me to wake up early and whip up the old recipe of my beloved banana pancakes. This time I added a little something to them,

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Banana Pancakes with Just 2 Ingredients

Banana and Egg Pancake 6

You can make pancakes with just 2 ingredients. I repeat, you can make delicious pancakes with just 2 ingredients! It’s simple, healthy and made with just two simple natural ingredients. Eggs and bananas. That’s right, just eggs and bananas. No butter, no flour, no dairy, gluten-free, no kidding. I actually found this recipe on pinterest. How

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Red Velvet Pancake

For the first time, I feel so difficult to describe food into words. I do not have a word for that smell rose from the pan where my red velvet cake puffed up. A fork passed through that moist and buttery soft, red sponge with no resistance. And those luxury sweet, airy crumbs of this

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I tried Palappam for the first time in a restaurant on the way to Munnar, a famous hill station in Kerala. Have you ever seen a dish you know it’s so delicious even before you taste it? That’s what my first experience with Palappam was like. Palappam is a slightly sweet rice pancake. Not as

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Taro Pancake

It’s Saturday morning. Waking up late, I said we needed magic for a start. I whipped up a buttery batter, scented deep purplish dust of Taro tea powder. The mixing bowl unfurled an enchanting odour of sunny morning after overnight rain. My secrets weren’t only that but more butter. In an already buttery batter, I

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Rice Flour Crepe with Shrimp Salad

Healthy living is something we tried to absorb in our family as much as possible. I can’t totally go all the way and rule my family against to-do list. Yesterday, my husband came home with a bag of hot chips when it was first rain here and I realized I wouldn’t be able to live without junk

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Pumpkin Pancake

Don’t you love Halloween? Kids dress up in cutest costumes and there are tons of candies everywhere. Halloween is not actually celebrate here in Asia, but since our world’s getting smaller and we all absorb each other culture, Halloween become a funky trend for adults unlike in western world where it’s more like a day

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Chocolate and raisin pancake

Soft spongy chocolate pancake with few surprises! This is my sister and my one and a half year old boy favourite. They would beg me to make even for brunch or evening as snacks. But it is a great breakfast; it is easy, quick and delicious. Don’t you like the sights and smell of pouring honey

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