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Lessons with Yaseen: Bubble

I didn’t know if I needed to be frustrated about Yaseen not speaking any clear sentence, but it would be good if he would be able to tell us what he really meant. He does know a lot of words in all languages available to him i.e. English, Thai, Malayalam, and Hindi, but never a

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Birthday Boy

It’s all about him today. On August 15, 2011, Yaseen’s officially a big 3 years old boy. Looking back at the trail he has been trekked along side both of us made me realize we, some how, made it through everything. He has been always full of surprises which made our lives fresh and exciting.

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Hearty Chicken Mayo Salad and Ramadan Schedule

Today is the first day that my husband and I observe fasting in the month of Ramadan. We will not be eating or drinking during daylight hours. It is the month of praying and forward graces to others. So I won’t be cooking during the days except for Yaseen. Reading or posting about food may not

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Leaf Sticker

The rain drops sprung fresh greens above the ground where my eyes met a familiar childhood toy when we strolled around in Pune University this morning. I stopped my husband and son at once, bowed down, and swished the oval green leaves of the below. As I stuck the leaves on my son’s t-shirt, he giggled. He

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Father’s Day

It’s Father’s day in Yaseen’s school yesterday and my husband accompanied him to class in the morning. It was kind of their first official celebration of Father’s day. We were never quite followed the world’s calendar and always had some made-up-days to celebrate just us. But it was fun, as they came home and told me

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Khaen Lesson with Yaseen

Yaseen has a day off today so he was going through his toy chests searching for something to fill his empty schedule. I have already planned to spend an afternoon making corn tortilla to store in our freezer; I know Yaseen would be enjoy playing with flours and dough. This morning my husband opened a suitcase

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Yaseen’s Bento

My new favourite thing in the morning is packing Yaseen’s snack box for school. The tiny blue puppy holds some of his adored bites tucked in small compartments. He has become very picky now ever since school started. Simple biscuits or cookies wouldn’t do it, he loves homemade, something that is still warm. So today, mini orange

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Yaseen at School

I wasn’t able to find time for myself, so as my husband for many days now. We are still not use to with the new schedule of sending Yaseen to Nursery. I’ve just come to realize how unprepared we were to fit this into our lazy morning. While I am busy with breakfast, packing snacks, checking

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The Morning Run

The wake up alarms go off at 5.00 am every morning in our home, but we are one of the most lazy people in the world so it is about 6.00am we put ourselves together and tie our running shoes. The serene innocent breeze after the rainy night is the most fresh and oxygenizing. We

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Homemade Pasta with Mushroom and Asparagus

Homemade pasta is something to cheer your kid up. Nothing stop Yaseen from running around the house making a mess like show him a big plate of freshly made pasta with rich hearty meat sauce. Making pasta seems to a lot of work. “Why can’t I just snug a bag of dry spaghetti from my pantry

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