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Party with the Kitchens of India


I consider myself an okay-good cook when it comes to Indian food. I love the aroma and the intense flavor of Indian dishes. It makes my house smell like a cozy restaurant. And a cozy restaurant is how I like it to be when I have a party at home. I want everyone to tuck

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Mini Corn Dog

We called corn dog “Apollo” in our home. I don’t know why, it’s just how Yaseen and I start calling them. While he was gone to class, I loved preparing after school special for him. Corn dog is one of his favourite snacks. Hot and sweet spongy cake wrapped around chicken sausages could easy light

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Cricket World Cup 2011 at My House!? Grasp Your Chicken Wings!

I may not be the sport enthusiast and hardly do I like to watch the games, but I do love that it is a perfect family activity when we can just relax and enjoy the moment. It’s Cricket season here. While Cricket World Cup is going on and the city is filled with fun and

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Rice Flake Salad (We’re taking off!)

This maybe a really last minute but before we’re boarding the plane to Kerala, my husband hometown, I just want to add a quick post for you my wonderful friends. I couldn’t wait to tell you another minute since I’ve just tried an amazing dish I found recently when we visit a newly become mother, Deepti.

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Mushroom Pie Pizza

When the temperature outside is dropping everyday, my oven is put into work over time. We need some warm baking in the morning. Yaseen wants some hot treats right from the oven in the afternoon. I saw the small crack in front of the oven already. Pretty soon I need to buy a new one

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Peanut Butter Cookies

It was really warm in the afternoon yesterday. We have the urge of baking something to make the house feel and smell welcoming. I made 2 cups of hot chocolate and started working on my laptop. Yaseen was watching cartoons and played with his toys. We took a little break to mix some cookies dough.

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BBQ Sweet Garlic Chicken

We went picnic at Pawna Lake few weeks back, and I did something really good. Guess??? BBQ Sweet Garlic Chicken! Yes, this recipe is easy. It’s done under 30 minutes, and the result was so amazing. The chicken was tender and sweet. It’s so great for appetizing your party, or snacking on road like we did on our

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Chicken Biryani

Yesterday was Eid al-Adha. We celebrated this day with prayers, good thoughts and a beautiful feast. The house infused with herbs and spices. The house was clean and everyone expected the wonderful things to keep coming. For us Eid cannot be perfect without big pot of homemade chicken biryani. Biryani is an aromatic rice dish cooked

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Homemade Tortilla Chip with Minty Cucumber Salsa

Having an energetic baby in my home, I am required to make snacks every afternoon. Yaseen is not only picky but very demanding. He always knows exactly what he wants. He loves jelly and cheese sandwiches, chicken burger with creamy mayonnaise, homemade pasta with meatballs, chocolate pudding, ice- cream in crispy cone, etc. Today he wants

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Pan Roasted Kebab

In the late morning of the cold weather, the smell of the perfectly spiced meat over the hot grill would be perfect. I love the lazy brunch in kitchen balcony where the morning breeze enters the house. The tender and juicy pan roasted kebabs which I marinade the meat over night was our choice today. Pan Roasted

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