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Party with the Kitchens of India


I consider myself an okay-good cook when it comes to Indian food. I love the aroma and the intense flavor of Indian dishes. It makes my house smell like a cozy restaurant. And a cozy restaurant is how I like it to be when I have a party at home. I want everyone to tuck

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Kinky Pomegranate Soda

What’s wrong with me? I can’t remember my Anniversary. We missed it every year. Also, it is so weird that I have my internal calendar register 17th September as my Anniversary instead of the real date, 10th September. It is so funny that I can’t be upsetting about it. Anyway, we decided to declare 17th

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Chicken Satay- Asian Grilling with a Napoleon Grill

I can think of having grill party all years round. In summer when the sun is warm and the sky is bright, it’s wonderful to have a party in the garden with the charcoal pit firing up those fresh seafood and juicy steak. In winter, I find it the most comforting to have a small

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Spiced Lime Bubblin’

You can call me “easy”, but I fall in love with street food really easily. Whenever we drove through narrow streets with food carts surrounded the side walks, I usually suggested we stop for a bite. Along with quick food and deep fried stuffs, there are quite a lot of sassy and refreshing fast-drinks out there

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Cricket World Cup 2011 at My House!? Grasp Your Chicken Wings!

I may not be the sport enthusiast and hardly do I like to watch the games, but I do love that it is a perfect family activity when we can just relax and enjoy the moment. It’s Cricket season here. While Cricket World Cup is going on and the city is filled with fun and

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Pumpkin Pancake

Don’t you love Halloween? Kids dress up in cutest costumes and there are tons of candies everywhere. Halloween is not actually celebrate here in Asia, but since our world’s getting smaller and we all absorb each other culture, Halloween become a funky trend for adults unlike in western world where it’s more like a day

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