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Spaghetti with Lamb and Mushroom Sauce

Spaghetti and mushroom and lamb sauce 7

Food processor is such a lifesaver for someone who doesn’t like chopping. I am so thankful for this machine whenever I have to finely chop some onion which can be a tearful job, and I can’t even do it that well. A few days ago, I made some Lamb and Mushroom Meat Sauce. When I make

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Lazy Cheesy Spaghetti

Lazy cheesy spaghetti 7

This week I’ve been hanging out with Yaseen all days because he’s on a mini vacation before exam. We had lots of fun after I help him with his study. We watch cartoons and cook comfort food. In a way, this feels like a vacation to me, too. During this cozy lazy week, we’ve been cooking

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Pasta with Roasted Vegetables

Pasta with roasted vegetables 2

Since I have been to Little Italy, I’ve been inspired to experiments with vegetarian dishes. I came to understand one of the most important parts of exploring new dishes and going for tasting. I would never think of cherish the wholesome roasted eggplants with lots of garlic and olives oil if it wasn’t for a

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Spaghetti with Creamy Chicken Curry Sauce

Spaghetti with Creamy Chicken Curry Sauce 3

I love serving Thai curries with cooked pasta when I run out of rice or when I want to have something different. Do you know that many Thai curries are great with pasta? Thai Green Curry with Spaghetti, Thai Red Curry with angel hair pasta, and comforting Lamb Massaman Curry between layers of melting lasagna—

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Pasta with Smoky Chicken and Mushroom Sauce

Warning: this is the recipe that once made my entire family collectively gained 10 pounds. Every serving cannot not be taken very lightly, and you may end up in rehab to be able to stop licking the pan while it’s still hot. Yes, it is a dangerous recipe, but if you don’t try it once

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Spaghetti with Chicken in Bell Pepper Sauce

I love bell peppers. All three colors are similar in flavour yet something unique about each of them. The green is the most pungent, the yellow is mellow sweet, and the red is fantastically robust. Three of them in one pot, melted together into thick savoury sauce is like a daydreaming fantasy. Simmering bell peppers cooked

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Pasta and Shrimp in 15 minutes

We wake up really late lately and I blame it on winter. I couldn’t get pass the morning cold that make me wanna stay more in the blanket. Morning is extremely hectic for me, other than cooking and household works, I need to drop off and pick up Yaseen from his school van. As I

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All Seasons Chicken Goulash

During winter and cold rain we wished to be near stove, move our faces closer to the steams escaped from the dancing lid of the hot Dutch oven. The smell of stew was comforting and the heat of the food made us felt so cozy. In summer, we rather sip the cold gazpacho and reach

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Macaroni with Chicken and Mushroom

While boiling the package of macaroni, how simple it is to throw in some stuff together to make a delicious sauce. Finally we just need to dump the cooked pasta in and then the meal is served. Macaroni is that simple dish that I love to play with, whether it is mac & cheese, meaty

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