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Vegan Kimchi

I remember the first time I tried Korean food at a mall near my apartment in Bangkok. It was also the first time I tried Kimchi. And to be honest, I couldn’t decide if I like it. I immediately thought that it was like ‘Som Pak’, a pickled cabbage and green onion dish which we

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Preserved Veggies and Citrus Fruits

Pickle Rainbowl 1

I love preserved veggies and citrus fruits in salad. I think the juicy sweet and sour pouch in each bite makes the simple dish more interesting. You kind of want to dig in for it more and more after every bite. I also learn that pickled veggies are so good with spicy meal, too. It

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Preserved Meat in Banana Leaf {Som Nuer}

Som Nuer 1

Okay, so lately I don’t know what gets into me, but I have been doing a lot of preserve food at home. This reminds me of something I’ve always wanted to do which is writing a cookbook about the rustic preserve food of the Northeast of Thailand. Somehow that dream of mine got lost, but

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Garlic Vinegar


Have you ever been to the noodle stalls in Asia? Most shops serve steamy noodles with lots of condiments on the side. In Thailand, they place a few jars of chili flakes, sugar, ground peanuts, vinegar and a bottle of fish sauce on the tables, much like you have bottles of ketchup and mustard in

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Sweet Carrot and Onion Kimchi

sweet carrot and onion kimchi 1

It’s been a while. I’m sorry that I couldn’t keep the posts up as regularly as it should be, but we’re back. I’m also very happy to inform you guys that we have just moved to the new place. It feels so home, but we haven’t done any décor yet. So what we’ve been doing

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The Pickle Hut

I am a fan of anything salty and pickling. Thinking about pickle makes my mouth water. I love big slices of pickle in my sandwich or even salad. I also adore spicy Indian pickle which goes very well with any rice dish. When I was a kid, my mother always preserved raw mango in the

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Strawberry Pickle

My husband has been asking me when I am going to post his strange and innovative strawberry pickle recipe in our blog. We came up with the competition to create a uniquely delicious recipe using strawberries as a feature ingredient. Though I won the competition with my Chicken and Strawberry Pepper Sauce fair and square,

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