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Tamhini Ghat

I love the long road trips. When I moved to India, I knew my whole life would change, my eyes were open and every step I took was such a wonderful journey. We did a number of road trips around the state of Maharashtra and many trips to the South. Every time, it’s a new

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Lonavala- Picnic in the Mist

Ever since it rained and wet, it has been a while we made our last picnic trip in the beautiful countryside around Pune. Who says picnic needs sunshine and warm air? For all I know, picnic surrounded by natural wind and greens in any conditions is always a merry experience. We have been yearning to have

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Malshej Ghat

An unexpected plan occurred due to the cancelation of our trip to Daman beach resulting us to drive the massive circle to visit the divine mountains. I thought I have seen every corner, mountains and hills around Pune but this trip was an eye-opening for me. Traveling in India made me familiar with a word “ghat”,

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