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Lonavala- Picnic in the Mist

Ever since it rained and wet, it has been a while we made our last picnic trip in the beautiful countryside around Pune. Who says picnic needs sunshine and warm air? For all I know, picnic surrounded by natural wind and greens in any conditions is always a merry experience. We have been yearning to have

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Ubolratana Dam

Summer is the time I wish I had a house by the lake and spend my entire days staring in the sparkling clear surface with my feet soaking the water. I daydream about picnic by Ubolratana dam with my family quite often. It is one of the most refreshing and relaxing place near my home in

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Eating by the Mekong

Mekong river or Khong river is one of my must visit places whenever I go home. Remembering how I used to sleep in the small cottage by Mekong River on my dad’s hunting trips or wondering on the dusty rustic street of Laos for some quick bites, I have always been so proud to brag

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BBQ Chicken Sandwich

When we went to Subway on Sunday for some quick bites, Sadik was unhappy about his chicken teriyaki sandwich. I thought my sandwich was fine, but it wasn’t worth. While we were shopping for grocery, I thought of redeeming his not so happy sandwich experience by making the simple and delicious sandwich for him. The most important

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BBQ Sweet Garlic Chicken

We went picnic at Pawna Lake few weeks back, and I did something really good. Guess??? BBQ Sweet Garlic Chicken! Yes, this recipe is easy. It’s done under 30 minutes, and the result was so amazing. The chicken was tender and sweet. It’s so great for appetizing your party, or snacking on road like we did on our

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Khadakwasla Lake and Sinhagad Fort

After being stood by in the house for 2 weeks by rain, we finally decided to get out for some fresh air. Though we risked catching a rain storm but we were really excited about this trip. We got out of the house early with empty stomach hoping to find some delicious local snacks on

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Deep Fried Dough

When I made flat doughnuts about a month ago, it became a big hit and many people had go crazy stuffed it with any imaginable things. Before I posted the recipe I have never stuffed them with anything. I thought they were just great with simple icing sugar or plain. But you guys really have

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Bang San, Thailand- My delicious Beach

When we were in Thailand a few months ago, we met up with the gang there and went to beach. We selected the nearest beach to Bangkok so we could come back the same day. Bang San beach is a one of popular tourist destinations know for good beach activities and good food. After along drive we

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Healthier Fried Chicken

I’m not ashamed to say that 60% of my family food is deep fried and we love deep fried food. They are crispy and delicious. I am not scared of deep fried food because I know when I made them at home I can make them healthier. We are active and excercise regularly we couldn’t be

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Simple Turkey Burger

I couldn’t find a reason why shouldn’t we make burger at home. I don’t think anything is simple than cooking burger. The thing about homemade thing is that we know where everything came from and how clean it is. Every time we stopped by MacDonald I had to check every lettuce leaves in our burger

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