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Miang Koong (Thai Prawn Wrap)

Have you ever tried Wild Pepper Leaf? Wild Pepper Leaf or Bai Cha Plu is a pungent, peppery and citrusy leaf used in Southeast Asian cuisines. The leaf looks quite similar to a betel leaf, but they’re completely different thing. In my opinion, it’s one of the most exciting ingredients, and if you haven’t tried

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Noodle with Prawns in Black Bean Sauce

Noodle with Prawn in Black Bean Sauce 1

Noodle with Prawn in Black Bean Sauce is one of my favorite dishes to cook and to eat. Basically, I love anything that can be whipped up quickly and served in a big single bowl. Food like this is comforting, and I can eat it every day. The great thing about simple food is it allows

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Rad Na Goong (Noodle in Gravy with Shrimp)

Rad Na Goong 1

Rad Nar is comfort food. It’s a kind of food you can have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s the type of food you can have every day. Lad Nar is a quick noodle dish. It’s sold everywhere in Thailand. There is many version of this dish, depending on what ingredients you add in a

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Thai Green Prawn Curry with Eggplants

green prawn curry with eggplants 7

When you crave a home food in a foreign country, it’s not easy to find one exactly like what your mom makes. In India, most of the time when I order Thai food in the restaurants, I always find a little extra something undesirable in the dish. For example, the curries here are way thicker

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Lemongrass and Garlic Prawns

Lemon Grass Garlic Prawn 2

I love the fragrance of lemongrass. It’s incredibly earthy and aromatic. Lemongrass can be used as ingredient for marination or making curry paste and even used fresh in salad when you slice the stalk thinly. Lemongrass works great with seafood. Back home in Thailand, I usually stuff the whole fish with lemongrass and grilled them over

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Stir Fried Shrimp with Eggplant and Dill

stir fried shrimp with eggplant and dill 1

I love the sound of curry paste sizzling in hot oil. The aroma developed from the pan made my mouth watering. Thai curry paste is one of my favorite ingredients. It’s not only good for curry, but it adds the beautiful color and flavor to a quick stir fry dish as well. In my opinion, eggplant

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Prawn in Coconut Soup

Do you have a recipe that filled with all of your favourite ingredients? How can it go wrong when a pot is simmering every single thing you love together? I have a simple soup recipe that you are going to love. It is so simple and quick unlike a lot of soup recipe that needed

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Seafood and Vegetable Soup (Thai Sukiyaki)

Sukiyaki is a type of Asian Fondue consists of meat, vegetable and noodle in bubbling hot broth served with luscious sauce along the side. It’s a kind of entertaining meal usually cook and eat right at the same time on the table. Sukiyaki is a Japanese delicacy commonly using thinly sliced beef and vegetable dunked in

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Sweet and Spicy Prawn Sandwich

My sister took Yaseen out for lunch one day in Thailand. They were kind of those “die hard” burger fans. When they came home, they wouldn’t stop bragging about the juiciest prawn burger they had in 7-11. Frankly, I didn’t know what they were talking about. 7-11 burger!? Though I wasn’t much of a burger

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Teriyaki Prawn

I love teriyaki anything. The savoury caramel sauce works on everything. It makes meat wonderfully sweet and tender, I also love how it transform tofu and veggies into the sticky delicious bites. The moment hot teriyaki sauce melted into hot rice, it was like a savouring volcanic eruption, with the sweet, gingery, scrumptious moisture muddled

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