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ABC Farms Cheese and Wine Festival 2013, Pune

ABC Farm Cheese and Wine Fest 1

Okay, this post is going to be quick because as soon as you finish reading this, you should be heading to ABC Farms for Cheese and Wine Festival right now! Early this week, I was invited via twitter to go check out ABC Farms Cheese and Wine Festival 2013. Well, if you haven’t connected to me

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Visapur Fort- Part I- The Wrong Turn by Sadik

“Ohh!! I forgot our Camera!” What a statement when you are almost at the destination of your well awaited weekend? Thanks to my Samsung Galaxy, it is just a wonderful thing to replace a powerful camera. One problem solved, but it was just a start of many hiccups on the way. So, enjoy the captures

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Purandar Fort

After we had an enchanting experience at Lohagad Fort a few weeks back, we hoped to find a great adventure in our next trip. Trekking has become our addiction recently. We couldn’t wait for the weekend to come, so we could drive to new destination, then walk and conquer the altitude. Our next stop was

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Mominpura, Pune

We’ve reached Kerala safe and sound. Yesterday was quite hectic when we’re held off at the airport as one of our baggages was missing, so I didn’t have time to update our blog. It is the last day of Ramadan here in Kerala, it’s not only the last day of fasting but the day of preparation

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Lonavala- Picnic in the Mist

Ever since it rained and wet, it has been a while we made our last picnic trip in the beautiful countryside around Pune. Who says picnic needs sunshine and warm air? For all I know, picnic surrounded by natural wind and greens in any conditions is always a merry experience. We have been yearning to have

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Rain- the Season of Remembrance

The rain has finally arrived, cold and cozy, every corner of my house invite me to lay back and dream of yesteryears. The fine drops sprayed down from the sky also carry tiny millions little memories in them. We used to run wild in the rain in the middle of rice field, hiding from the

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Saturday Cricket

My husband company is organizing an internal cricket match this Sunday. We went to watch the training this morning in Pune university cricket ground. It was a perfect morning with the clear sky and warm sunlight. This ground is usually crowded by many groups of people playing cricket and football in the morning and evening. I

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