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9 Delicious Slurps for a Rainy Day

It’s finally raining today. I mean really really raining. Not like a drizzling or the teasing drops, like it usually was for a couple of weeks ago, but a generous, non-stop showering for the entire day. Today it comes pouring down, flooding the street I walk and washing the outside of my windows. Now the air

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Winter Melon Soup

It’s officially raining everyday and I can never feel cozier in my home. After my husband left the door for office, I turned on the stove and spread the magic potion ingredients over the kitchen counter. The bubbling pot evaporates delicious spells spreading throughout the house. The warm aromas of garlic and coriander root in

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Rain- the Season of Remembrance

The rain has finally arrived, cold and cozy, every corner of my house invite me to lay back and dream of yesteryears. The fine drops sprayed down from the sky also carry tiny millions little memories in them. We used to run wild in the rain in the middle of rice field, hiding from the

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Pancake for Rain

It’s raining everyday since last Friday. The great thing about rain is it transforms this place the variety of greens. The grasses come alive and the leaves push themselves out to the world. But the worst thing living in this season in this city is unexpected blackout. I wake up with the mood of baking,

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