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Mushroom Mee Grati

Mee Grati 2

Hi guys! We have been busy with the monsoon trek, and I completely forgot that this blog is malnourished by the delicious cooking. Last weekend we went on another trek which I was completely soaked in the rain the whole trip. When I got home, I was down with a massive headache. Anyway, another big

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Lamb Pho

Lamb Pho 1

I have to admit that I’m feeling like a kid these days. My mom is pampering me with delicious food, plus she helps me with a load of my daily work. She makes me super lazy. Whenever I seem to be stuck with something, I call out to my mom like a little kid. I

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Thai Chicken Yellow Curry with Rice Noodle

Noodle with Yellow Curry 1

This time of the year, when I visit the local markets, I smell something lovely— that fresh mint, a little bit of that earthy dill and the pungent aroma of coriander leaves. Everything was fresh like they have just shot from the ground. I feel like my kitchen has been blessed when I place these fresh

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Stir Fried Rice Vermicelli with Eggs

rice vermicelli and eggs 2

I remember, when I was a kid, every weekendnight was a movie night. My mom and dad would allow me and my siblings to stay up late watching movies– horror movies, until we fell asleep in the livingroom. During commercials, my dad used to make snacks or even late night heavy meal depending on what

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Fish and Rice Rice Vermicelli Salad with Sweet Soy Sauce Dressing

Fish Salad with Sweet Soy Sauce Dressing 1

Summer is the time when I miss Thailand the most. It’s been so long I have gone home, and I hope sometimes in August we could go spend sometimes travelling all over Thailand again. Summer back home is fun and vibrant. Every corner of the country seem to have those little colorful stalls selling shave

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Garlic Chicken Noodle Soup

I use a lot of garlic in my cooking. It’s like a strict beginning of a ritual, starting with a smoking hot pan of peanut oil and then some garlic. Immediately that fragrance rises from the pan, broken cloves are scorched and turn into gorgeous golden flakes. That is when the oil is flavored, and

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Thai Noodle with Quick and Easy Tuna Curry sauce

Sometimes it surprises me how Yaseen loves Thai food even though we live so far away. I try to balance between Thai and Indian cooking in my household while exposing my family with different cuisines we find interesting. There is very few things in the world Yaseen doesn’t like. I remembered the first time I took

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Rustic Beef Noodle Soup

I don’t know if it is because of the bubbling broth, the super tender meat that almost melts away, or the smooth and fragile ribbon that is the most irresistible object in the bowl of homemade beef noodle. These three elements are so unitedly cooperative, and together they bring out the most comforting form of food. I love

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Super Quick Sticky Prawn Noodle

Noodle is one of the most used ingredients in our home. The package of dried rice noodle helps me visualize the simple and quick lunch easily. If you are a fan of Asian flavour, I really recommend having rice noodle in your pantry. It can be used as stir fry, soup and even salad. I love

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Simple Thai Fish Laksa (Khanom Jeen)

No matter how hot a bowl of spicy Thai fish laksa is, I always have my way of enjoying and sweltering in the white soft noodle soaked in spicy zippy fish curry, then more and more will be added to my plate. Let’s not think about self-control, portion and weight for a second, this delicious

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