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Mushroom Mee Grati

Mee Grati 2

Hi guys! We have been busy with the monsoon trek, and I completely forgot that this blog is malnourished by the delicious cooking. Last weekend we went on another trek which I was completely soaked in the rain the whole trip. When I got home, I was down with a massive headache. Anyway, another big

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Stir Fried Rice Vermicelli with Eggs

rice vermicelli and eggs 2

I remember, when I was a kid, every weekendnight was a movie night. My mom and dad would allow me and my siblings to stay up late watching movies– horror movies, until we fell asleep in the livingroom. During commercials, my dad used to make snacks or even late night heavy meal depending on what

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Rice Vermicelli with Prawn

Friday means empty refrigerator, no fresh fruit and almost everything in the kitchen is vanished. Friday cooking is lazy, simple and challenging. Whatever left in refrigerator, kitchen counter are needed to be chopped, diced and composed to a quick meal over lunch and dinner. Today lunch was made from a package of rice vermicelli and prawns

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