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Preview of November Stories


Hey guys! I know we have disappeared for a while, but if you’re following us on facebook, you would probably know that we were on a road trip again. It was Diwali Vacation, and Yaseen had 2 weeks off school. Sadik and I then decided that we should drive down to visit our family in

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Malpe Beach, Udupi

Malpe Beach 7

If you’re wondering why we haven’t posted any cooking post recently, it’s because we ran out of cooking gas again. We have been living without cooking in our kitchen for a week now, and hopefully the cooking gas will be delivered to our house today. And well, I hope you are not bored of my

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Beaches in Goa and a Drive to Udupi

arambol beach 2

We were tired, but I didn’t sleep at all that night in Goa. The boys were snoring, and I felt really irritated because of the humidity. We decided to stay close to the beach in a budget hotel which we paid Rs. 1,000 for a room. We were the only people in that hotel. It

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Pune to Goa

Ghat 1

Hey guys! I hope you’re doing wonderful. Here in Pune, it’s the beginning of rainy season. And if you followed us on social media, you would probably know that we’ve just come back from our annual southern road trip. This time, not only we drove down to Kerala, we also spent a couple of days

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A Night in Bangalore

Bangalore Night 1

On our super busy road trip, we marked Bangalore on our map for one reason—to meet our old friends. Sadik used to live in Bangalore. In fact, his first job was in Bangalore. A few of his best friends still live there. Last time I was in Bangalore, Yaseen was still very tiny so we went

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Namdroling Monastery, the Golden Temple, Karnatakar, India

golden temple karnataka 1

Dear you, Sorry I kept my travel stories on hold for so long. There are still too much to tell. If you haven’t read them, I have the recaps right here. So before I take you on another long drive from Coorg to Central Kerala, I want to show you a few interesting pit stops near Coorg

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Coorg 1

I wish we had more time to spend in Coorg. I know it’s more than what we have seen. I looked at the endless, thick and green terrain and thought I would regret not trekking and getting lost in it. And I did. I was disappointed. I remembered reading about natural berries vinegar, and exotic

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Funny Road Trip Tips


My dear readers and friends, I’m so sorry I won’t be able to update the next chapter of our trip tonight, and we will be gone for a long drive again in the morning. I just put a suitcase full of clean laundry in the car, a wrinkled old carton box stuffed with eatable gifts

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Road Trip to the South of India Part 3: Shimoga to Coorg

shimoga to coorg 2

We are leaving Kerala in 2 days. On Saturday early morning, we will start the next drive from Kerala to Bangalore. This journey is going to take us to various cities and small towns, and hopefully, there are going to be lots of delicious street bites along the ride. We will also pass through a

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A Wisp of Night in Shimoga


Before I am taking you on the next chapter of our south of India road trip, let’s take a break and check out Shimoga, the town we decided to spend a night on the first day. As you already knew in our previous post, this wasn’t our plan. But after a long day navigating ourselves through

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