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Tom Yum Noodle with Calamari in 15 minutes

Tom Yum Noodle Calamari 1

I am impatient when I’m hungry. I love good food with bold flavor and colorful presentation. In my kitchen, I always find an easy way to cook any every day dish. I never use measuring cups and measuring spoons, and sometimes it’s hard for me to write the recipes because I usually just throw things

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Noodle with Fish and Peanut Sauce

There are so many types of noodle in Asia and so as many ways to savour them. A while ago, I introduced another type of rice noodle in “The Simple Thai Fish Laksa” post. You must remember the smooth and soft noodle with the rustic and earthy scent which is called “Khanom Jeen”. We can

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Rice Vermicelli with Prawn

Friday means empty refrigerator, no fresh fruit and almost everything in the kitchen is vanished. Friday cooking is lazy, simple and challenging. Whatever left in refrigerator, kitchen counter are needed to be chopped, diced and composed to a quick meal over lunch and dinner. Today lunch was made from a package of rice vermicelli and prawns

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