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Noodle with Miso and Mushroom Broth

It rained at 9.30 am here, yesterday. It wasn’t much and not at all satisfying but it cooled the air down enough to have a thought for a soup. The smell of wet mud rose from the ground to our 4th floor apartment. I opened the window and invited the cold spray in. Anything hot

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Soup of the Sea

I grew up in Northeast of Thailand, where it was separated and cut out from the sea. The first time I saw the sea was on a family trip when I was really young. I didn’t remember when or any other details about the trip but the great, grand, glorious view that took my breath

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Fish Maw Soup

Wandering in Chinatown in the late evening with a giant skewer of sweet plum was a surreal experience for any food-lover. The aroma of chicken stock fumed up the old pots and the night wind wept the exotic fragrances across your faces. In the seconds of curiosity, you searched every direction for the source of

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