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My Shopping Experience with Homeshop 18 TV

Homeshop18 TV 1

When 2014 was approaching, our schedule was hectic. We just came back from a long trip, and the very next weekend, we had a great event at Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan. Then Sadik’s relatives came from Kerala to visit. And he and I were working on our stuff on new year eve. We just

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Choosing Home and Kitchen Appliances


Home and kitchen appliances are a big investment in the household. Appliances in your home give the finishing touch and perform important daily tasks for your family. When purchasing any appliances for home and kitchen, think about the long run. These products should work for many years. There are so many factors to consider while

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My Kitchen Essential


I got my kitchen done a few months ago, but I haven’t told you about it yet. It’s a very compact and functional one. I love sneaking in there before sunrise. I have a little working space there where I can sit and work while something hot and delicious brewing on the stove and the

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My Holiday Shopping

When I think of December, I think of the late night sleep, a hot cup of coffee sitting by the windowpane, the swirl of cinnamon in the oven, and a long shopping list that would drain my yearly saving. Yes, shopping is a big part of December. And this year especially, it can be very

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Cold Lips in Winter

You know me, I love winter. Maybe it is as much as I love rainy season but with different feel. Rain is romantic with nostalgia, but winter is so fuzzy and cuddly. Winter is so cozy, it pulls us together hugging inside a blanket. But winter is also very cold and dry, just a bitter part

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Addicted to Nature- Pomegranate and Grapeseed Face Polish

Women love spa, to be fully pampered and indulged with fragrances and relaxing treatments which ultimately make us look and feel good. It is something we can be doing all day. But practically we could not be in spa everyday, for one of the reasons is that these extremely luxury treatments came with extremely heavy

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Samsung Galaxy S2

I could never understand why my husband needed so many technologies in his phone as much as he couldn’t understand why I had so many earrings in my jewelry drawer. There was a time that mobile phones were just phone and they were used to just call or send messages. I never thought I would want

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Chaat Masala

Chaat masala is spice mix used in savory snacks popular in Indian and Pakistani cuisines. The pungent combination of spices was a perfect pitch on fruit salad, crunchy street snacks, or even hot Tandoori chicken. The strong earthy fragrance of Chaat masala also gives the wonderful twirl in cooling lime juice. Chaat masala became one of

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Cutest Elephant Bags

  Look at the tiny elephants in the front. They look so sweet and precious. I use one as on-the-go makeup bag. They are so colorful and glittering… Stay tune for these kind of cutest giveaway… Love, Tes

Salty Plum in Sugar Amber

As I grow up, I don’t crave candies as much as I did when I was a kid. I crave steak or maybe spicy stew. I have good memories with candies but I don’t feel necessity of indulge a mouthful of them everyday. The funny part of all these is I still buy them, a

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