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Salim- Thai Colorful Vermicelli Dessert

Winter swept the cold breeze through my window every morning. We wished to stay warmed in the bed as much as we could, but the busy schedule of a day ahead dragged me out of the warm blanket. Rice soup is always the idea breakfast this season, the comforting and warmness dispersed from the stove

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Cutest Jute Twine Bags

Thailand is famous for beautiful handicrafts and handmade products (remember our cutest elephant bags?). In Thailand, you are not only seeing beautiful places, enjoying great shows, eating delicious things, when you are going back home you get to bring a lot of cute souvenirs and gifts for friends and family. Last time we visited Jatujak Market,

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Cutest Elephant Bags

  Look at the tiny elephants in the front. They look so sweet and precious. I use one as on-the-go makeup bag. They are so colorful and glittering… Stay tune for these kind of cutest giveaway… Love, Tes

Khaen Lesson with Yaseen

Yaseen has a day off today so he was going through his toy chests searching for something to fill his empty schedule. I have already planned to spend an afternoon making corn tortilla to store in our freezer; I know Yaseen would be enjoy playing with flours and dough. This morning my husband opened a suitcase

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Salty Plum in Sugar Amber

As I grow up, I don’t crave candies as much as I did when I was a kid. I crave steak or maybe spicy stew. I have good memories with candies but I don’t feel necessity of indulge a mouthful of them everyday. The funny part of all these is I still buy them, a

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Pandan, Durian, Coffee and Milk Toffees

Don’t you feel young and innocent unwrapping colorful toffees minding the rustling sound of the crinkling wrappers isolating you in the toothsome fantasy? Stuffing the mouthfuls of chewy sticky candies on both cheeks, we open more sugary bites while working on melting the load of sweet in our mouths. These milk toffees, pandan leaves flavour especially,

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Klang Dong Fruit Market

If you were travelling with me, you might find my constant detouring at stores and markets along the ride. Souvenir stores, craft stores, arts showrooms, farmers markets, local fruit stands… you name it, I couldn’t make myself get pass these places without sneaking in and spend some money on it. On the ride from Bangkok to Khon Kaen,

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Bedtime Indulgence

My husband is trapped in the recent indulgence of pampering scent from our new massage oil, Sabai-arom Urban Wellness Sleep Tight Bedtime Aromatic Massage Oil. The gentle sweet scent of Jasmine and White Champaca is so soothing and relaxing. When we traveling back to India few weeks ago, we had a chance to eat and shop

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Thasadej Indochina Market

After indulging in local cuisines and watching the lively water of the Mekong go by, we headed to Thasadej Indochina Market for some serious shopping. Thasadej Indochina Market is located beside Mekong river stretches parallel to the river and covers more than 1 km long. The market crowded by stalls, shops and restaurants both sides flooded with

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