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Rat Na Gai

Lately, every evening I found myself imagined wandering around night market for dinner. As you may know about Thai night markets, colorful lightings, wide spread of nicknacks, smoky delicious air, the sound of woks sizzle and fat drip over hot charcoal, and very fun and exciting energy all night long. I miss those small food

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Sticky Vietnamese Noodle Soup (Kuay Jab)

I love noodle, a special affair any other food couldn’t come as close. Slurping the boiling hot strings soaked in whirlpool of flavour decorated with chili flakes is the most luxurious experience food can offer. One of my favourite noodles that I haven’t introduced in my blog yet is the most gentle, thick and sticky type.

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Bean Sheet Salad with Tofu

I bought packages of Bean Sheet noodle without knowing what to do with them. I am a noodle fan and always intrigue to try noodles in any shape and form. Though I have tried this kind of noodle before a number of times but I have no idea how to prepare them. Bean Sheet is a

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Rice Vermicelli with Prawn

Friday means empty refrigerator, no fresh fruit and almost everything in the kitchen is vanished. Friday cooking is lazy, simple and challenging. Whatever left in refrigerator, kitchen counter are needed to be chopped, diced and composed to a quick meal over lunch and dinner. Today lunch was made from a package of rice vermicelli and prawns

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