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Stir Fried Squid with Yellow Curry Powder

We have been very careful about purchasing seafood since an incident last year. I have to say that it has been hard because the fresh quality supplies don’t come around very easily where we live. But that’s something we have to live with, and it gets us scared to think what will happen to food

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Sweet and Spicy Squid

We haven’t had squid in a while, since rain has started and the fishing regulation has been strict over the spawning season. Seafood became expensive and deficient in the market. When we spotted the freshest squids on the ice tray over the weekend, we immediately went for it. I wanted something simple that doesn’t overpowering the

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Spaghetti with Squid

We are craving some pasta lately… especially spaghetti. Just the thought of slurping on the long string of tender doughy pasta makes us drool. I love the way spaghetti soak up the sauce perfectly and the way we make a lot of mess on the plates and table by dripping the sauce on the way

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