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Sriracha Noodle

Sriracha noodle 2

So the boys are out as usual. Yaseen is actually having exams right now. Can you imagine? I don’t remember school being so strict like this when I was a kid. Here I’m alone at home most of the time during the week. If I don’t go out for lunch or shopping with friends, I

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Rice Bowl with Chicken and Basil Topped with Fried Egg

Rice Bowl with Chicken and basil and fried egg 1

Lately, I’ve had so much on my plate I couldn’t have time for myself. My writing has slowed down, and I am busy with Yaseen all day. It’s tough sometimes trying to stay on track and keep up with blog posts and everything else that I want to do. Take out becomes a trend in

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Tiger Zoo – Sriracha, Thailand

Going to the zoos is kind of bitter sweet for me because there are two things fighting in my head. I do have a strong belief in freedom and I feel pity for animals living in cages, but I love the zoos that they are educational and they give us opportunity to meet these amazing

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