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Puttu, South Indian Steamed Rice and Coconut Cake

Puttu 2

My mouth is all watery when I think about South Indian breakfast. Mmmm different types of soft Appams (soft pancake), hot Dosa (savory pancake), steamy Idli(rice cake), Poratha (Kerala flatbread) for a heavy weight type of breakfast, not to mention a spongy Puttu loaded with grated fresh coconut. Along with them, coconut chutney, Sambar (spicy

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Chicken Momo

My friend from Nepal told me her mom made “momo” for breakfast. Another friend suggested let’s have momo after college. But I had no idea what was a momo when I first arrived in India. Apparently, “momo” is something that melts in your mouth and explodes the juicy flavours at first bite. Momo is a kind of

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Idli and Sambar

Last Saturday we were invited by our landlord for breakfast. We were early so I had a chance to observe aunty make an authentic idli and sambar. Idli is a healthy Indian breakfast. These steamed rice cakes are so light and delicious. They are usually served with spicy vegetable with lentil stew called Sambar and coconut

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