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Stir Fried Squid with Vegetable

I love colorful dishes. A very reason is my believe that color is nutrient. Red, yellow, orange, green, they looked beautiful and tasted naturally sweet. I have one recipe that combines many colors and flavors together. A quick stir fried squid in vegetables. A brisk second in hot, greasy wok, the vegetables and squid only

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Stir Fried Dill with Egg

I love the smell of fresh dill. It smells like my mother vegetable garden, clean and fresh. So whenever I cook anything with dill, it gives me a really wonderful feeling. The similar thing happens to my husband. Dill has become one of his favorite vegetable. The smell of any dish with it reminded him

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Chinese Kale in Oyster Sauce

Gai Lan or Chinese Kale (Chinese broccoli) is a leafy vegetable richen with deep green and pungent fresh flavour. It tastes very similar to broccoli but with a just a little bit bitterness. These gorgeous greens are packed with beta-carotene and high in fiber. The best and easiest way of cooking Chinese kale is stir frying.

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Teriyaki Prawn

I love teriyaki anything. The savoury caramel sauce works on everything. It makes meat wonderfully sweet and tender, I also love how it transform tofu and veggies into the sticky delicious bites. The moment hot teriyaki sauce melted into hot rice, it was like a savouring volcanic eruption, with the sweet, gingery, scrumptious moisture muddled

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The Simplest Vegetable Noodle

Some of the best chefs are working on street, in the open air sincerely exhibit their works over the hot stoves and turn simple ingredients to the most desirable objects. Years ago there was a Chinese food junction delivered food on the open, muddy ground every evening till midnight near to our home. As the city

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Sweet and Spicy Squid

We haven’t had squid in a while, since rain has started and the fishing regulation has been strict over the spawning season. Seafood became expensive and deficient in the market. When we spotted the freshest squids on the ice tray over the weekend, we immediately went for it. I wanted something simple that doesn’t overpowering the

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Stir Fry Clams in Red Curry Paste with Basil

Lam Nam Phong by Yard Napalai My English Translation (please excuse my literacy challenge) Nam Phong River overflows the banks, outpouring Diverse floras blossom on both sides The water has such diverse beauties, soothing the eyes in the late evening At the sight of rice fields, an innocent, gorgeous village girl Oh girl, who could be as beautiful as you Could

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Stir Fried Ridge Gourd with Eggs

Ridge gourd (luffa) brings back a bitter food memory for my husband. The canteen in his college hostel used to serve terrible dishes featuring these spongy green vegetable almost everyday. He disliked ridge gourd so much that he would felt so annoy as a cranky baby whenever I bought them home. I had quite different memory

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Cauliflower with Basil

I know we should not be eating deep fried food that much, but these crispy cauliflowers are seriously addictive. When I see the beautiful fresh cauliflower, I can’t help but imagine how the sweet juice leaks against the golden crunchy skin in every bite. And that’s how I have to immediately dip the white flowerets in

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Stir Fried Chicken with Ginger

Have you ever try fresh young ginger? Ginger is commonly used in Asian cuisine. Fresh ginger is very aromatic. It gives the dishes lightly heat. Ginger is a natural antibiotic, so it is good for fighting cold. This recipe is wonderful in the cloudy days. Ingredients: (4 servings) 300 gm Chicken- cut into small pieces 50 gm Fresh

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