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Chateau Indage in Narayangaon, Pune-Nashik Road

chateau Indage 3

I’m an outdoor person, but now-a-day, when I look out my window I feel so discouraged. The weather is horrible. It’s so hot and dry. So, I’m feeling trapped because it’s so hard to find a place to hang out in the summer. I want a forest full of big trees, a big lake with

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Sentosa Resort and Water Park, Pune

“It supposes to rain now. When is it going to rain? When is rainy season going to start?” My husband had quite enough of my grouching about the weather when he asked me to join his company outing in the water park hoping I would once stop complaining about the excruciating heat in the city. It

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Sugarcane Juice

Nothing beats the dry summer heat like a fresh cooling glass of sugarcane juice. As the bright shiny season unfold, the sugarcane farmers set up the rustic shades around the city with some energizing cold sugarcane juice flies out every other seconds. Sugarcane is a tropical spice of tall grass having fibrous stout and jointed stalks

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Summery Saturday

It is the first weekend of the year I truly realize that we are in summer. No more mist blurred my bed room windows in the comforting cold morning. I don’t want spicy hot soup for breakfast. I want to replace hot cocoa to a cold one. The sky is always clear and bright. An

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