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Video : Tarkarli Beach to Pune


It’s time to go home, and we drive from Tarkarli to Pune, taking a different roads this time. We find a lovely lake in the middle of nowhere. We spend a little time here. I love how I can feel like the whole world is just us. So funny we also find a McDonald’s lookalike

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New Vlog: Tarkarli Beach and Malvan Fish Market

Tarkali Beach

Hey guys, last weekend we went out again. This time we were back to Tarkarli Beach. We got to spend a lot of time there. I was super excited about it. We also tried our hands on a fish auction at Malvan Fish Market. It’s one of the best experience we had on this trip.

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Tarkarli Beach

Before we left home on Friday night, I wrote on my Facebook “I’ve just realized we’re traveling all the time. Tonight we are heading 400 km off station. I don’t even know where we’re going :)” This is exactly how we run our lives, keep our hiking shoes out of the shoe-rack ready for new

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