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Savory Pumpkin Custard

I can feel winter around the corner. When we went for a walk in Pune University in the morning, I could smell wild honeysuckles swirling everywhere. And when it’s just before winter like this time of the years, there are varieties of fresh pumpkins in every part of the markets. I picked a pumpkin from a

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Stir Fried Chicken with Curry Paste and Kaffir Lime Leaves

When I was a kid, my parent often asked me to go to collect kaffir lime leaves in the neighboring area. I love the smell of kaffir lime leaves in food, but the problem of all these were they always asked me to pick the leaves in the most creepy evening and the one and

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Chicken and Eggplant Curry

When I was a kid, my school canteen primary served chicken curry with rice. There were two versions- chicken with ash gourd and chicken with eggplant. My favourite was the one with eggplant. I love how it melt and mellow into the curry sauce. My mom had never had trouble making us eat veggies because

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Tom Kha Khai

Tom Kha Khai is a creamy and aromatic soupy chicken curry, a famous dish in Thai kitchens along side Tom Yum. Tom Kha Khai is quite mild but loaded up with beautiful aroma of galangal and the sassy sourness in the creamy coconut body. To make a perfect hot bowl of Tom Kha Khai, the freshest

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Stir Fry Clams in Red Curry Paste with Basil

Lam Nam Phong by Yard Napalai My English Translation (please excuse my literacy challenge) Nam Phong River overflows the banks, outpouring Diverse floras blossom on both sides The water has such diverse beauties, soothing the eyes in the late evening At the sight of rice fields, an innocent, gorgeous village girl Oh girl, who could be as beautiful as you Could

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Stir Fried Shrimp in Thai Red Curry Paste

Having Thai red curry paste stocked in your refrigerator or even in the package in your cabinet might come in handy during rush hour meal preparation. Many popular quick dishes in our blog are fixed up using few teaspoon of aromatic Thai red curry paste. You might remember our Thai red curry paste fried rice,

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Panang Beef

The smell of Thai Panang curry dominates the air of my kitchen today. The smell of kaffir lime leaves seduced every soul in wondering where my simmering Panang beef is. The pungent aroma is so intensify when I first stir fry the fresh homemade Panang curry paste in coconut cream and the fragrances of every

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Spaghetti with Eggplant & Mushroom Green Curry Sauce

Thai eggplant and mushroom green curry is unexpectedly great with spaghetti. I started serving any kind of Thai curry over spaghetti ever since I tried Spaghetti with Thai Prawn Panang Sauce in a small restaurant near my school. I hesitated at the beginning but after first try I was hooked. My mom who preferred authentic

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Thai Red Curry Paste Fried Rice

When I was studying in Thailand, in front of my apartment there was a small restaurant with the small kitchen up front. People lined up to get in and waited for some take away. I would stand right there in front of that restaurant most afternoons after class waiting for some quick lunch. You could

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Thai Chicken Green Curry

I had to admit that I use instant green curry paste right from the package in this recipe. My latest Thai authentic herbs supplies dried out from the cabin a few months back and we are yet to make plan to visit Thailand again. I don’t feel guilty knowing that many household in Thailand also

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