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Chicken and Eggplant Curry

When I was a kid, my school canteen primary served chicken curry with rice. There were two versions- chicken with ash gourd and chicken with eggplant. My favourite was the one with eggplant. I love how it melt and mellow into the curry sauce. My mom had never had trouble making us eat veggies because

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Tom Kha Khai

Tom Kha Khai is a creamy and aromatic soupy chicken curry, a famous dish in Thai kitchens along side Tom Yum. Tom Kha Khai is quite mild but loaded up with beautiful aroma of galangal and the sassy sourness in the creamy coconut body. To make a perfect hot bowl of Tom Kha Khai, the freshest

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Thai Chicken Green Curry

I had to admit that I use instant green curry paste right from the package in this recipe. My latest Thai authentic herbs supplies dried out from the cabin a few months back and we are yet to make plan to visit Thailand again. I don’t feel guilty knowing that many household in Thailand also

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