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Thai Green Prawn Curry with Eggplants

green prawn curry with eggplants 7

When you crave a home food in a foreign country, it’s not easy to find one exactly like what your mom makes. In India, most of the time when I order Thai food in the restaurants, I always find a little extra something undesirable in the dish. For example, the curries here are way thicker

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Chicken Red Curry with Bamboo Shoot

Chicken curry with bamboo shoot 7

Lately, I’ve been day dreaming about my childhood, when the world was simple and full of adventure. I love every part of this memory, but most especially, I adore anything that involves going to the forest. Like wild mushroom picking, finding bamboo shoots on the mountains was so much fun. On the weekend, my mom

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Spaghetti with Thai Red Curry Meat Sauce

spaghetti with Thai curry meat sauce 1

I love pasta with Asian twist. I like the texture of pasta, but I just love and comfortable with Asian flavor in food more. Not that I don’t like authentic pasta sauces. I do. But if I have to pick between regular meat sauce and curry meat sauce, I pick the later no question ask.

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Chicken and Eggplant Curry

When I was a kid, my school canteen primary served chicken curry with rice. There were two versions- chicken with ash gourd and chicken with eggplant. My favourite was the one with eggplant. I love how it melt and mellow into the curry sauce. My mom had never had trouble making us eat veggies because

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Panang Beef

The smell of Thai Panang curry dominates the air of my kitchen today. The smell of kaffir lime leaves seduced every soul in wondering where my simmering Panang beef is. The pungent aroma is so intensify when I first stir fry the fresh homemade Panang curry paste in coconut cream and the fragrances of every

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Spaghetti with Eggplant & Mushroom Green Curry Sauce

Thai eggplant and mushroom green curry is unexpectedly great with spaghetti. I started serving any kind of Thai curry over spaghetti ever since I tried Spaghetti with Thai Prawn Panang Sauce in a small restaurant near my school. I hesitated at the beginning but after first try I was hooked. My mom who preferred authentic

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Tom Yum Mushroom

I love when my husband come home and tell me that something smell good. “Something smell good from the outside, and I know it’s from our house.”, when he said this, it makes me happy. The smell of lemongrass, kefir lime leaves and galangal dispersed the air with aromatic perfume making my house feel more fresh

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Thai Red Fish Curry

Spicy curry and I need no introduction. I grew up eating the kind of food that you would like to tear up just by seeing it. I love the burning hot sensation and how spicy food always delivers the most exciting taste to my mouth. I had to tune my spicy life style down a

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Tom Kha Mushroom

Some people think that Thai cuisine is not vegetarian friendly. I do agree that most of Thai dishes are non-vegetarian and many are impossible to make to a vegetarian version. My husband loves vegetarian food. Someday he really doesn’t want to eat any meat. I also believe that by adapting recipes to vegetarian version the

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