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Mushroom and Cashew Nut Rice in 15 minutes

Do you like cashew nut? We love it. It’s a favourite ingredient for every single one of us in the family. Cashew nut can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. I love the crunchy texture and nutty flavour cashew nut bring into the dish. And so, this is another one of our favourite rice

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Our Rice Farm Part II

Traditionally, rice is an annual plant which means we are only grow rice once a year covering 5-6 months during monsoon when rainfalls help sustaining the extreme need of water of rice. Water needed to flood the land in order to healthily produce rice. This is the first time we experiment on growing out of the

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Our Rice Farm

Have you ever see rice flowers? These tiny white blossoms sprout from the half-ripe glowing green spikes which soon will turn to rich yellow grains that ready to be harvested. They are pretty amazing and beautiful. They are the signs that show us we need to gather labours and capital for the big cultivation that is

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Spiced Chicken in Rice

This is my version of Thai Spiced Chicken in Rice or “Khao Mok Khai”. It is very similar to Biryani in India, but not as spicy and not so complex to make. I love cooking this for lunch, when I am quite busy with other work. You can put everything to simmer and really don’t

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