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Mysore Zoo (Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden)

Mysore Zoo 2

Mysore Zoo or Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden is one of the oldest and most popular zoos in India. The zoo is located in the heart of the City of Mysore, in Karnataka State of India. This city is our second stop in our recent road trip series. Here is our video. I hope you enjoy it. Mysore

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Ankali Mutt

ankali mutt 2

Ankali Mutt or Chadravalli Cave Temple is an archeological site in the district of Chitradurga, Karnataka State of India. The cave existed since prehistoric period, and it was later developed by the rulers of this region. It is semilunar in shape with many chambers and passages slithered underground. Ankali Mutt was used for meditation for

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Road Trip: Kerala- Goa-Pune (January 2016)

Kerala - Goa -Pune 1 copy

Kerala is beautiful. It’s green and fresh all year rounds. It’s humble and filled with traditions. But what I love the most is how generous and hospitable people are in this place. We spent a week in Kerala, doing nothing but eating and visiting relatives. Time went by quite fast, and then it’s time to

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Road Trip: Pune-Mysore-Kerala {December 2015}

Pune to Mysore 2015 Pic 7

This video came out late, but it started on Christmas 2015 at 5 in the morning when we left the house. It’s going to be another long road trip. This time we would be on the roads for 3 days, staying overnight at 3 different places in 3 different towns before we reached our destination,

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Road Trip from Bangalore to Hampi

bangalore to Hampi600

The road seems endless, and it’s exciting because we don’t know what to expect. The reason I love going to new places is because it reminds me so much that we are different yet the same, we are separated by miles but we are connected by the winds that call all travelers to explore the world. This

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Video: Kerala to Bangalore Road Trip

Kerala to Bangalore road trip

This is kind of not fair, but I really want to show you this video. We took this trip 2 years ago, but I finally found these clips and mixed them for you today. Editing this video made me relive this trip all over again so I hope you enjoy watching this video of a

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A Day of Food Adventure in Kerala


If you are following me on twitter (@Testerfly), you’ve already seen my fun food adventure in Kerala yesterday. The boys and I went on our little food trip, finding some of the best local food and savor every bit of it on the way. So here’s a glimpse of our journey if you missed it

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Dandeli, Karnataka

Dandeli 1

There are so many ways to travel. I love to own the moment, to let it fly and to not rush from one place to another. It’s not about where you go—abroad, here, there… it’s all about how you cherish every step of the way. Pacing yourself is a part of the journey, too. And

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Breakfast in Hampi

Breakfast at Hampi Bazaar 5

Near Hampi Bazaar, the ruins of Hampi, there is a small lane made especially for tourists also called Hampi Bazaar where restaurants, souvenir shops and guesthouses lined up the street. It felt a bit out of place with the entire ancient city at first. When we entered the market, we were in a place somewhat alienated

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Hampi Part 2: Hampi Main Tower, Virupaksha Temple and Matunga Hill

Hampi Part 2 Pic 1

My mind wanders back to our travel story from Hampi again. I remember the clear blue sky, the perfect summery day, and the mystique ruins we have visited. They make me miss travel. They make me wish I could just go on the roads nonstop and explore the world forever. If you missed my post on

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