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Hampi Part 1: Krishna Temple and Krishna Bazaar

humpi part 1 pic 4

Sunrise in Hospet, we were tucked in the blanket. Though we planned to leave for Hampi at 6 am, we thought we deserved to be pampered in the warm bed a little longer. I had such a big expectation today. We basically changed the ending of our journey and squeezing every Rupee we had left

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A Night in Hospet

Hospet 1

While traveling to the beautiful ancient ruins, Humpi in Karnataka State of India, it was about 2pm when we didn’t know what to expect or where to stop for lunch. Yaseen was sleeping in the back seats, and I opened a pomelo we bought from the forest somewhere in Tamil Nadu. The citrus scent from

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Breakfast in Bangalore before Road Trip

Breakfast & road trip 2

Sunset or sunrise? The same question I asked myself many times, and honestly I couldn’t remember my previous answers but I’m sure they’re not always the same. Sunset is seductive, impelling and relaxing… thinking about it making me wanna lit some candles and hide under the blanket. Sunrise is the new beginning, it’s fresh and

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Bangalore Flower Market

flower market Bangalore 7

One morning in Bangalore, we were about to leave the city to continue on our long road trip. We had a few hours, hoping to catch up with friends for breakfast soon, but before that, we decided to check out the famous flower market. I did a little research. Bangalore Flower Market (KR Flower Market) is

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A Night in Bangalore

Bangalore Night 1

On our super busy road trip, we marked Bangalore on our map for one reason—to meet our old friends. Sadik used to live in Bangalore. In fact, his first job was in Bangalore. A few of his best friends still live there. Last time I was in Bangalore, Yaseen was still very tiny so we went

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Driving form Kerala to Bangalore

Drive Kerala-Bangalore 6

“Where are we going next?” I asked when we threw the last backpack in the trunk of the car when Sadik put a sleepy Yaseen in the back seats. I didn’t really care where we’re heading. The journey itself has always been the best part of the trip. We’re going to Bangalore; that’s all I knew.

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My Kind of South Indian Breakfast

South Indian Breakfast 9

It’s unfortunate how most people are under the impression that South Indian Breakfast is all about idli, vadas and dosa with sambar and coconut chutney. The truth is people in South India love breakfast. They indulge in them. It’s the second meal of the day after the early morning tea or coffee which was served

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Food Crawl in Calicut, Kerala

Calicut food crawl 1

I can say this again and again that I love street food especially the hot and greasy ones. While travelling, my family and I always look for street food joints, and many times, little stores on the side of the roads surprises us with delicious treats. Calicut is not a new city for me. I

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Road Trip to the South of India Continues…

Coorg to Kerala 1

I feel very guilty about not being able to update the story of my road trip sooner. This road trip series was over a few months ago, but I haven’t told you half of it yet. There are a lot of places I want to show you, many local restaurants and interesting dishes I want

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Dubare Elephant Camp

Dubare Elephant Camp 7

When we decided to do the road trip to the South of India which stretches over 3 states for over 2 weeks in December, an elephant camp was never a part of the itinerary. But this is how we travel. We never follow any plan even though it was created by us. It’s amazing how

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