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Driving from Harnai to Pune

Drive from Anjarle to Pune Map

There’s more than one way to go from point A to point B. And in travels, we always open to try the routes we never took before. So, when we went to Dapoli a few weeks ago, we decided to take another route to come home. That way, we got to see more places, and

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Day 3 (Day 2 of Trek) Dayara Bugiyal – Dayara Top – Bhakra Top – Gujjar Hut – Morpada (Gujjar Hut)

Himalays Day 3 pic 3

From the previous post of my Himalayas trek series, you knew we spent our tiring first night at Daraya Bugiyal. Sleeping in the tent was interesting. Sometime past midnight, I stirred up hearing the heavy wind and Rejeev saying “The tent is flying away. Hold on to it.” Being half awake, I only helped catching one

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Road Trip: Kerala to Pune via Shivamogga (Shimoga)

Kerala to Pune via Shivmogar picture 1

I don’t like a sound of ‘small world.’ Somehow, it makes me feel suffocate and lazy. I still imagine the mysterious parts of the world like a little kid. So, I want it to be big, vast, and there should be many places to amaze me. When we go on a road trip, we don’t

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Pune- Kerala Road Trip

Pune- Kerala road trip 1

One of the most frequent travel-related questions we received over the years of blogging is about our road trip from Pune to Kerala. There are not only the readers in India wanting to do the same trip, but there’re a lot of foreign friends wishing to experience this amazing experience. Well, driving from Pune to Kerala

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King Cobra Village (Ban Khok Sa-Nga, Thailand)

I have the mixed feeling of hate, scare and disgust about snakes. Just a thought of them is enough to make my skin crawl and gives me nightmares, but this tiny village in Thailand has a thing for snakes! I mean, literally, most houses have few boxes of snakes in their home to play with or

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Ubolratana Dam

Summer is the time I wish I had a house by the lake and spend my entire days staring in the sparkling clear surface with my feet soaking the water. I daydream about picnic by Ubolratana dam with my family quite often. It is one of the most refreshing and relaxing place near my home in

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Morning walk in the street of Thailand

Lives begin so early in Thailand. Before the roosters crow “cook-a-doodle-dooooo”, many towns and cites light up with fluorescent lights attached to the mobile carts selling foods, drinks, ingredients, anything you would want in the morning. Schools start around 8.00 am and most of the offices start just about the same time, most of their destinations

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Hello Winter!

When I woke up late this morning, I finally realized that winter was about to enter the city. It was almost 8 in the morning when the fog still covered the street. I noticed people wore jackets and scarves… oh yes! It’s getting cooler. I love when it is cooler here when we can stay in

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