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Funny Road Trip Tips


My dear readers and friends, I’m so sorry I won’t be able to update the next chapter of our trip tonight, and we will be gone for a long drive again in the morning. I just put a suitcase full of clean laundry in the car, a wrinkled old carton box stuffed with eatable gifts

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Day 4 the Himalayas Trek: Morpada – Agora – Bebra by Sadik

Day 4 Himalayas Trek Pic 1.1jpg

We slept soundly on the third night of the Himalayas trek. I woke up about 5.30 am. Thanks to Nitesh for his amazing foot massage last night, my feet felt so light. He is a multi-talented guy. The warm water treatment suggested by our guides also helped in bringing us to our feet again. I

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Visapur Fort- Part I- The Wrong Turn by Sadik

“Ohh!! I forgot our Camera!” What a statement when you are almost at the destination of your well awaited weekend? Thanks to my Samsung Galaxy, it is just a wonderful thing to replace a powerful camera. One problem solved, but it was just a start of many hiccups on the way. So, enjoy the captures

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Purandar Fort

After we had an enchanting experience at Lohagad Fort a few weeks back, we hoped to find a great adventure in our next trip. Trekking has become our addiction recently. We couldn’t wait for the weekend to come, so we could drive to new destination, then walk and conquer the altitude. Our next stop was

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It was difficult to believe that we were still in Kerala when the thin fog covered the road ahead and the temperature was really chill. Again, I had to remind myself that we were still in Kerala when tea plantation hills took my breath away. I felt like we were up north and not south. As

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Cruising in Alappuzha

The world continues to surprise us. I wonder if we could go further, what would be there. Something we haven’t seen of course, things that make our eyes seem bigger than they usually are, things that make us feel ridiculously small, and in my recent experience… things that fill with secluded rhythm of backwater flows. One

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Tamhini Ghat

I love the long road trips. When I moved to India, I knew my whole life would change, my eyes were open and every step I took was such a wonderful journey. We did a number of road trips around the state of Maharashtra and many trips to the South. Every time, it’s a new

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Kerala is my other home, the place where we often go to lay down and listen to the rain drop. It is so peaceful and green, that I almost forgot the existence of other places on earth. Going to Kerala is exciting every time. There are so many new things to see, beautiful places to explore

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Journey to the Beach in Monsoon

Saturday morning, I packed a bag for a weekend trip to a beach, but instead of sunscreen and big hats, I had raincoats and umbrella in my suitcase. My husband asked me few weeks ago, if I have ever seen rain showering in the sea…. My first impression was “uncomfortable”. But I loved when life

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Malshej Ghat

An unexpected plan occurred due to the cancelation of our trip to Daman beach resulting us to drive the massive circle to visit the divine mountains. I thought I have seen every corner, mountains and hills around Pune but this trip was an eye-opening for me. Traveling in India made me familiar with a word “ghat”,

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