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Sprinkle Cookies

sprinkle cookies 2

If you followed us on Tes at Home Facebook Page, you’d know that Sadik was on the mountains in the north of India for over a week. It’s his annual ritual. He has to go up there every year. Traveling opens up our mind. I love how it makes us positive and allows us to

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My Collection of Thai Sweets

Thai Sweet 6

I’m not really a sweet tooth kind of person. I can live without chocolate, but I can’t live without french fries. When I was a kid, I spent most of my allowances on meatballs on the street while my sister spent it on sweet. Though I am not crazy about sweet, there are some treats

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White Chocolate Toffee Brownie

White Chocolate Toffee Brownie 1

Recently, I find myself in love with being next to the warm oven. I whip up the batter, marinate meat, or even sliced some veggies into a few baking trays, and I pop them in the roaring oven. As the moment flows by, the comforting delicious scent slowly disperses throughout the house. Brownies! That’s it! I

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Caramel Fudge

Caramel Fudge 7

I remember one winter when I was a kid, my mom bought a really big bag of caramel fudges from the Silk Carnival, an annual silk exhibition and festival in my home-town where food, clothes, handicrafts and toys are also taken very seriously. The fudges smelled amazing. Even when they were sealed in plastic bag,

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Jello Cookies

Jello Cookies 3

There are a few things you might already know about me if you read my blog regularly or follow me on twitter. I eat like a kid. Yes, I do. I eat what I want. Colors and sweetness attract me. My favorite candies are Skittles. I prefer hot chocolate to coffee or tea. And oh

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Frozen Cream with Oreo and Blueberry Jam

Let me introduce you to my new best friend, Mr. Lazy but Good Frozen Dessert with fresh cream, Oreo and blueberry jam… There’s a day something stir in your head and never let go. It’s this imaginary luxurious flavor that you long to feel in your mouth, something delightful and melty. I am never a sweet tooth

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Strawberry Curd

I was first introduced to the flavour of strawberry by the pink lipstick on my mother’s vanity table. As a kid, sneaking into her room to try on her makeup and jewelries, strawberry flavoured lipstick was my favourite. So the smell and taste of strawberry brought a strange memory to me, not as food but

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Salty Plum in Sugar Amber

As I grow up, I don’t crave candies as much as I did when I was a kid. I crave steak or maybe spicy stew. I have good memories with candies but I don’t feel necessity of indulge a mouthful of them everyday. The funny part of all these is I still buy them, a

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Nutella and Blueberry Pop Tart

I am not a good baker, and not a delicate one but I do know how to yield some goodies from the oven every now and then. Every room in the house kindly embraces the welcoming smell distributed by our small oven. 2 cups of coffee and a cup of milk were ready at the

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